Expo-service Sp. z o.o. was established and registered in Warsaw on 14th November 1986. Original location in Warsaw, Próchnika St. unti 2010. Now houses the Head Office Witosa 31, however due to significant growth of the enterprise, most of activities, including main warehouse, were shifted to the large object in Minsk Mazowiecki, Grobelnego St. The last 25 years have seen constant growth, as the firm has adapted to market needs:

- since beginning, Expo-service has specialize in wholesale of small home appliances becoming one of the top biggest sellers in Poland
- firm second branch is processing and export of casein and milk protein concentrates
- since 1991 opening Cellular Phone Department - we assist the first Polish mobile telephony provider, antil november 2011- as ORANGE Partner - had more than 15 sales points of that worldwide network

Expo-service sp. z o.o.
00-710 Warszawa; 31 Witosa St
05-300 Mińsk Mazowiecki; 4, Grobelnego St
tel.: +48 (25) 7591881; fax: +48 (25) 7591885
E-mail: general@expo-service.com.pl

NIP: 118-00-15-586; KRS: 0000107454;
REGON: P-001337635-94901013-59-2-541-01013
Bank Handlowy I Oddział w Warszawie,
rach.nr: 66 1030 1016 0000 0000 0308 9347