More and more frequently our old household appliances are replaced by the new ones which are more attractive, efficient, cost- effective and more environment friendly. However the old disposed appliances are accumulated on quickly increasing garbage piles.   
Therefore we have to neutralize such trend in form of our active contribution towards reducing the expenditures on recycling.   
We have to change our behaviour in order to avoid increased emissions in form of additional consumption of the fuel or electric energy used for the re-use of waste as the raw materials in manufacturing processes.   
The activities initiated in order to facilitate and often to enable any recycling processes are supported in form of the regulations and instructions issued by the administration authorities at all levels.   
The new household appliances introduced by ourselves into the market meet the requirements included in the Directive No 2002/96/WE issued by European Parliament and European Counsel - considering the recycling needs in the scope of manufacturing process.   
The purpose of the symbol incorporated thereon and presented herein is to inform that the old appliances must not be disposed as general household waste, but we have to supply them to the selective collection points for electronic and electric equipment established and managed by local administration authorities.   
Such equipment may be also handed over to the distributors at the purchase of an equivalent new appliance. The user is responsible for handover of the old appliances to proper collection points, otherwise the sanctions stipulated in the waste disposal regulations will be applied against him.   
Please request any detailed information about available collection systems from the local entities engaged in the scope of waste disposal, your equipment distributors and local administration.